Brian Wolfenden


Retired Scientist


Sci-Fi author



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First review of Disaster Earth
'I loved the first book and did not think it could get any better, but the scope and detail of the second were even more gripping. I am about to read both again as the impulse to rush through to find out what happens next means that the wealth of detail and imagination just cannot be grasped in one go (nor probably in two goes!).'


How it all started

I am a retired scientist and report writing was a regular feature of my work. Now I have taken my technical knowledge and applied it to a science fiction story.


I have always been fascinated by space exploration and am utterly convinced that we are not alone in the universe. Pioneers 10 & 11 blasted off in the late sixties / early seventies and were unique in two aspects. They would be the first man-made objects to leave our solar system  and travel towards other stars and both carried a golden plaque depicting many pictorial aspects of mankind and the relative position of Earth in space. Back then I wondered if one of those plaques would ever be seen again and the grains of a story took place. 40 years later I have written this story.

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