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First review of Disaster Earth
'I loved the first book and did not think it could get any better, but the scope and detail of the second were even more gripping. I am about to read both again as the impulse to rush through to find out what happens next means that the wealth of detail and imagination just cannot be grasped in one go (nor probably in two goes!).'


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Earth responds to a surprising signal from space. Join astronauts Olivia Medici and Scott Parker as they volunteer for a one way ticket to the stars where they discover a unique species threatened to extinction. Follow their exciting exploits across the remarkable Cloud Planet and discover a dark menace that lurks below the surface. Can Olivia and Scott save the Blue People and what are the consequences for Earth? Who or what are the Dicepterons?


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In Volume 1 we woke up the Dicepterons. Now this frightening alien species targets planet Earth. Our world will experience a catastrophe not seen since the extinction of the Dinosaurs. Join Ella Medici in the Antarctic and Chuck Parker in space. Follow their amazing journey through the alien spaceship. Confront the Dicepterons. They are formidable and have visited Earth before! What do they want with our planet? Can anyone stop their quest?


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In Volume 1 we saved the Blue People of Cloud Planet from annihilation by the Dicepterons. Then in Volume 2 this frightening entity targetted the South Pacific Ocean and caused a disaster of colossal proportions. Earth fought back and ejected both alien discs with our heroic astronauts on board. Here in the final episode we travel to places that you could never have imagined. Now find out where the Dicepterons came from and the reason for their Quest. Travel to the Quanoxy Zeric Galaxy for a chilling climax which results in a shocking outcome for Earth.


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Paperback - The Quanoxy Zeric Galaxy >>>>>>>>>


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